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The National Eye Institute, on the other hand, conducts research emphasizing the importance of wearing glasses. The medical world is divided on this issue, and there are those who accept the harm of sunglasses and stop using them.

On the one hand, there are explanations of the harms, and on the other, research showing the benefits. Let’s see what you decide in the end.

Dr. Jack Kruse: Sunglasses and contacts block the light stimulation the eye needs to regenerate melanin.

According to Dr. Jack Kruse, people who wear sunglasses and contact lenses are more likely to be nearsighted and to suffer from hypothyroidism (underproduction of thyroid hormones). Kruse also draws attention to an important point. According to Kruse, people with melanoma (skin cancer) and Parkinson’s disease make poor choices about light, which can worsen the course of their disease.

In the future, we will present scientific research that confirms Dr. Jack Kruse’s thesis.

If there is no sun, blue light comes into play and it can lead to blindness.

Melanin is a pigment that absorbs all frequencies of light to drive semiconductor proteins inside tissues and create electrons. Cells produce light and show where the melanin absorption is.

With the activation of the POMc protein, the retina is exposed to blue light due to the lack of UV light, and when there is no melanin in the tissues, it is exposed to blue light from artificial light from technological screens such as phones and computers. This damages retinal proteins and causes permanent photoreceptor damage. Yellow spot disease and blindness are also among the disorders caused by blue light.

Exposure to blue light due to insufficient sun exposure leads to oxygen depletion in the eye. This is one of the factors affecting mitochondria. Abnormal growth of blood vessels on the retina (retinal proliferation), retinal thinning and cataracts can also occur. This is because the eye tissues require more dissolved oxygen, which leads to visual impairment.

Research also explains the many benefits of exposure to the sun, especially in the morning.

One of the details that experts point out in their studies on not wearing sunglasses is exposure to the morning sun. That is, natural daylight hitting the retina without any glass in between activates the pituitary gland at the back of the eyes, which in turn releases important hormones.

Daylight, which affects the hormones that stimulate the thyroid gland, also stimulates the follicle stimulating hormone that produces eggs in women and sperm in men. Another hormone affected by daylight is prolactin. This is a hormone that stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk.

Estrogen steroid hormone, dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin (the happiness hormone), melatonin are other hormones that are also affected by natural daylight. The fact that melatonin helps us sleep and fights cancer in different ways makes this hormone even more important. Experts especially emphasize the effect of melatonin on the body and do not recommend sunglasses for this purpose.

Could a lack of melatonin production trigger some types of cancer?

A 2001 discovery linked sensors in the human eye to the control of the biological clock. Located just behind the eye, it is also called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) and its job is to control the pineal gland, which produces the sleep hormone melatonin.

In relation to this issue, there is a remarkable research. When nurses working night and day shifts are compared, nurses working night shifts are about twice as likely to develop breast cancer. The theory is that night lighting triggers cancer development.

The main reason why many people have given up sunglasses after these explanations is the benefits of sunlight.

There are hundreds of studies on the benefits of sunlight. Unlike artificial light, natural sunlight is known to be beneficial in many ways. In this context, vitamin D production strengthens the immune system, recharges mitochondria and improves bone metabolism.

While we are talking so much about the sun, let’s also include research on skin cancer.

There are many studies reporting that excessive sun exposure poses a risk for melanoma, or skin cancer. However, there are also opposing studies. According to a study reported by Marianne Berwick, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of New Mexico, prolonged sun exposure increases survival rates in patients with early-stage skin cancer.

In addition, another study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology states that skin cancer occurs in the parts of the body that are least exposed to the sun.

According to experts who emphasize the harm of sunglasses, how to make the best use of the sun?

They recommend exposing the skin as much as possible and not using sunglasses in order to benefit from the effects of sun exposure. They also emphasize that instead of looking directly at the sun, one should look at the sky and open air.

Early morning or near sunset is the best time to enjoy the benefits of the sun.

What about those with sensitive eyes?

They agree that those who should wear sunglasses should of course wear them. However, they argue that this is something that can be trained over time. Some people have medical conditions such as headaches and fatigue due to sensitivity to bright light. In these cases, they recommend trying to correct the underlying condition of poor eyesight, then gradually increasing the limits of exposure to natural light.

Not wearing sunglasses does not apply to a bright environment such as snow or desert. Sunglasses can be worn in such places, but they add that people who are affected by the sun in environments such as the beach also have poor vision and can cope with it.

Those who cannot tolerate bright light due to certain diseases, such as neurological disorders, are excluded from all these and should consult a doctor.

There are also strong organizations that advocate for sunglasses.

The National Eye Institute, the National Institutes of Health and many ophthalmologists (specialists in diseases and surgery of the visual pathways) are in favor of wearing sunglasses. These organizations and experts believe that UV radiation damages the proteins in the lens of the eye. This damage deteriorates vision over time and increases the risk of cataracts.

Age-related blindness, eye cancer, temporary blindness, spotted vision are among the damages that can be caused when sunglasses are not worn.

Since the benefits of the sun are recognized by everyone and many serious illnesses are caused by a lack of vitamin D, it seems that we will see more and more studies on the harms of sunglasses.

On the one hand, there are the harms of wearing sunglasses all the time, and on the other, the benefits. So, will you forget what you know so far and reconsider your intimacy with sunglasses or will you continue to wear them?

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There Are New Claims About Screened HomePod

It has been claimed that the HomePod model with a screen will be released since last year. There has been no development regarding the device for a long time, but this has changed.



It has been claimed that the HomePod model with a screen will be released since last year. There has been no development regarding the device for a long time, but this has changed.

Anonymous sources close to Apple say the technology giant has a touch screen HomePod He said he was working on it. According to sources, this screen will be quite functional. Users will be able to change audio sources (such as podcasting, playing songs), answer incoming calls, and control the smart home via HomePod. Additional controls will make the new model marginally more useful.

As it is known, Apple announced Apple Intelligence and artificial intelligence features in June. Apple Intelligence works with A17, M1 and higher processors. The Cupertino-based company wants to integrate artificial intelligence features into its entire ecosystem in the future. According to the new report, the touch-screen HomePod may also support artificial intelligence features. In fact, the source left artificial intelligence support open-ended, but it goes without saying that Apple has some plans for its new generation smart speaker.


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the new HomePod will benefit from artificial intelligence features. When we look at it from this perspective, the new report and what Kuo said support each other. Apart from Kuo, the new smart speaker was also discussed by reputable sources such as Mark Gurman and Apple collector Kosutami. When we include these sources, it seems likely that Apple will release a new model with a screen.

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JBL presents its new portable speakers PartyBox Club 120 and PartyBox Stage 320 to music lovers.



JBL presents its new portable speakers PartyBox Club 120 and PartyBox Stage 320 to music lovers.

JBL, which has stood out in the field of audio technology with its headphones and speakers for 75 years, introduces new portable speaker models. PartyBox Club 120 And PartyBox Stage 320It brings together music lovers.

Lets you keep the party going from dusk to sunrise on a single charge PartyBox Club 120It produces the best and most powerful sound with its AI Sound Boost feature. PartyBox Stage 320 With its powerful JBL sound quality, it can fill an area the size of a tennis court indoors or outdoors with music. Moreover, both speakers offer an eye-catching show with synchronized light show and strobe effects.


With 12 hours of playtime, the party will never end

Turning any environment into an enthusiastic party JBL PartyBox Club 120It offers a visual feast with its powerful JBL Pro sound quality and synchronized light show and flash effects that accompany the rhythm of the music. The JBL PartyBox app makes setting party effects easier than ever.

Effects and music can be controlled through the application, EQ settings and light shows can be customized. Bluetooth connection can be made easily JBL PartyBox Club 120With ‘s microphone and guitar inputs, the audience also becomes the star of the stage.

Can be easily carried anywhere with its foldable handle JBL PartyBox Club 120It is also very reliable against splashes with its IPX4 certification. Offering up to 12 hours of playtime JBL PartyBox Club 120If necessary, you can continue playing music without interruption by changing the battery.

For larger parties, JBL Auracast-enabled speakers connect wirelessly with the JBL PartyBox application to increase the energy of the environment.


Amplify audio with AI

JBL PartyBox Club 120With the AI ​​Sound Boost feature, which allows you to get the most out of the speaker, the incoming signals are simultaneously analyzed by the artificial intelligence algorithm and detect the movement and power of the speaker.

With this analysis, it enables drivers to take full advantage of the dynamics at maximum capacity, creating the best and most powerful sound. At the same time, it maximizes sound quality by reducing distortion even at high volumes.


Get ready for the futuristic light show

PartyBox Stage 320 It is possible to start the party anytime, anywhere and turn any space into a dance stage, whether indoors or outdoors.

PartyBox Stage 320, JBL Pro can fill a tennis court-sized area indoors or outdoors with music, with two 6.5” woofers for powerful sound quality and dome-shaped 25 mm tweeters for crystal clear highs that deliver precise, deep bass.

Strong JBL In addition to its sound quality, it offers an eye-catching show with synchronized light show and flash effects.

It can be easily moved to any location with its telescopic handle and wide, sturdy wheels. PartyBox Stage 320At the same time, it provides protection against splashes and does not allow the fun to be spoiled.

In addition to all this, it provides up to 18 hours of playtime. PartyBox Stage 320 With its replaceable battery, the entertainment can be continued non-stop. Bringing everyone together, JBL PartyBox Stage 320 can also connect wirelessly with JBL Auracast-enabled speakers via the JBL PartyBox app for larger parties.


You will be the superstar of the party!

Featuring dual microphone and guitar inputs PartyBox Stage 320, It will turn everyone on stage into a superstar with its karaoke EQ setting and light show. However, the JBL PartyBox app makes setting up party effects easier than ever. Effects and music can be easily controlled through the application, EQ settings and light shows can be customized.

This feature of AI Sound Boost, which detects the movement and power of the speaker by simultaneously analyzing the incoming signals with the artificial intelligence algorithm, allows drivers to fully benefit from the dynamics at maximum capacity. Thus, while the best and strongest sound emerges; It maximizes sound quality by reducing distortion even at high volumes.

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LG acquires Homey smart home platform

LG acquired the Homey smart home platform as part of its strategy to expand the smart home ecosystem. LG became the owner of the platform by purchasing Athom, the creator of Homey.



LG acquired the Homey smart home platform as part of its strategy to expand the smart home ecosystem. LG became the owner of the platform by purchasing Athom, the creator of Homey.

With this agreement, LG will have an 80% stake in Athom and will have the option to purchase the remaining shares within three years. Although the official value of the deal has not been disclosed, estimates suggest it is worth around $61 million.

This acquisition will allow the company to expand the ThinQ platform and increase connectivity options. While the webOS-based ThinQ platform is currently limited to LG products, it will support a wider range of devices with the integration of the Homey platform.


Multiple connections like Homey, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave and infrared option It provides an open ecosystem that offers Homey Pro is also compatible with Matter and Thread and can support up to 50,000 connected devices in total. These features will enrich the user experience by making the company’s ThinQ ecosystem more compatible with third-party devices.

The company’s acquisition of Athom aims to accelerate the firm’s transition to an AI-focused platform. This acquisition stands out as another strategic step taken by the company to strengthen its presence in the smart home ecosystem after its acquisition of Alphonso in 2021. The company plans to further strengthen its presence in the smart home ecosystem with such strategic acquisitions.

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