The new Galaxy artificial intelligence era begins

Galaxy AI’s integrated translation and personalized experiences eliminate mobile communication barriers. With Galaxy AI, Samsung aims to take artificial intelligence in users’ daily lives to a new level.



Innovative Galaxy artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed to give users mobile experiences they’ve never had before. Galaxy AI goes beyond personal assistants and enriches the daily mobile experience not only on devices developed by Samsung, but also with cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions. These solutions are supported by open source collaborations and partnerships with industry leaders.

Galaxy AI draws attention especially with its AI Live Translate Call feature, which improves the communication function, which is the main purpose of the phone. This provides users with a personal translator experience, allowing seamless communication with people in different languages. Since this feature is integrated into the calling function on the phone, the need to use third-party applications is eliminated. Voice and text translations are made in real time while the user is speaking, making calling someone speaking another language as easy as turning on subtitles with one tap while watching a program. Since this is an inherent feature of the Galaxy AI device, private conversations, regardless of their content, are never moved off-device.

Galaxy AI is committed to providing a secure and personalized mobile experience while protecting user privacy. Users will experience everything they expect from their phones, combined with the advantages of a new AI era.

Galaxy AI will offer users a richer and more comprehensive mobile experience, thanks to the AI ​​capabilities integrated into Samsung devices, as well as cloud technology-supported artificial intelligence services developed in collaboration with other leading companies.

Will be available early next year Galaxy A.I.will eliminate some of the most common barriers to social connections and bring the user closer to a world where communication is easier and more productive than ever before.

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