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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was highly respected as a military genius by his commanders and comrades throughout his military life. After his military life, he received unprecedented respect and attention from the leaders of other states as a statesman.

Greek leader Eleftherios Venizelos admired Atatürk, who defeated him in 1934, enough to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. Surely you have heard the words of praise about Atatürk from American, British, French and Japanese heads of state somewhere. Let’s take a look at the 10 best books written by foreign authors about the Great Leader.

Atatürk, Founder of Modern Turkey – Andrew Mango

Andrew Mango is a writer of Russian and British origin. Mango, who worked for 14 years as a senior executive at the BBC, had to do research for 5 years for this work in which he describes Atatürk objectively, and the more he researched, the more fascinated he became.

Atatürk – Klaus Kreiser

In this work, Kreiser, a renowned Turkologist and Orientalist (a Western researcher of Eastern culture), summarizes Atatürk as “first a soldier and politician who saw himself as the embodiment of the national will; later a cultural revolutionary who wanted to profoundly change religion and language, law and history, dress and music”.

Mustafa Kemal and the Awakening East – Paul Gentizon

In this book, written by Paul Gentizon, who worked for the Temps newspaper between 1922 and 1928, the author generally compares Atatürk’s revolutions with those of the East and lists the reasons for Atatürk’s success. The author considers Atatürk as the leader not only of Turkey but also of the whole East with his thoughts and civilizational behaviors; this is what the title of his book is dedicated to.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 1881 – 1938 – Willy Sperco

The Italian journalist and writer, who followed the First World War from Izmir, also used the expression “a determined, decisive and honorable person with the power to determine the future of a nation” for Atatürk in this book he wrote about Atatürk. It is also worth remembering that Sperco is a writer who holds the Order of the Italian State.

Ghost Rider – Ray Brock

On the back cover of Ray Brock’s novelization of Atatürk’s life, a very meaningful quote by Alexandra Dumas is quoted in dedication to Mustafa Kemal: “Two things make me love life: Freedom and love! I would give my life for love, but I would give up my love for freedom”.

Immortal Atatürk – Norman Itzkowitz

In this book, Itzkowitz, an American professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, one of the world’s leading universities, examines Atatürk’s life from his childhood onwards. Some readers say that there may be inaccurate character analysis in the book, let’s see what you think when you read it.

Democratic Dictator Atatürk – Parashkev Parushev

Although the word “dictator” appears in the title, it seems that the content is not quite like that… Let us remind that the Bulgarian author Parashev Parushev wrote this work on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

Mustafa Kemal, Death of an Empire – Benoist Mechin

In the book, which focuses specifically on the period of the National Struggle, the French politician and writer Mechin expresses his admiration for Atatürk in the following words: “Once again, the truth surpasses all that can be imagined, for the work of Mustafa Kemal has no parallel in history”.

Atatürk, Lessons on Leadership from the Genius General Who Founded Modern Turkey – Austin Bay

Austin Bay, an accomplished colonel and military historian who served in the US Army, discusses Mustafa Kemal’s military life in this book. Bay, who describes Atatürk as a military genius, also touches upon some of the events of the present day and compares and contrasts some developments.

Atatürk, Birth of a Nation – Lord Kinross

And now it was the turn of Lord Kinross’ work, which in our opinion is “the best book written by foreign authors about Atatürk“. Kinross, who describes Atatürk from his childhood to his eternal journey, has received many awards for these works. Kinross, who is a good researcher, started to write this work with the written order of the British Government. The work is one of the most famous biographies of Atatürk in the world, especially in England.

The book was so well received at the time of its publication that The Times commented, “This is the most comprehensive study of Atatürk ever published, a work of research that will fill many gaps in knowledge about the great leader who created modern Turkey and changed the course of history.

In one of his quotes, the Great Leader said, “Seeing me is not just seeing my face; it is enough if you understand and feel my ideas, my feelings“. The first thing we need to do to understand the Great Leader is to read biographical works about Atatürk. For this reason, today, on the occasion of November 10, we wanted to introduce you to Atatürk biographies by foreign authors.

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Just as Formula 1 teams adjust their strategies and vehicles for peak performance, companies’ cybersecurity teams must adapt, innovate and collaborate to protect their digital environments.



Just as Formula 1 teams adjust their strategies and vehicles for peak performance, companies’ cybersecurity teams must adapt, innovate and collaborate to protect their digital environments.

Moving a business to the forefront of its industry requires not only innovative thinking but also the ability to extract insights from the most unexpected areas.

This situation is especially; It is valid in the field of cyber security, which distinguishes businesses from their competitors in times when rapid action, sensitivity and advanced strategies are implemented.

F1By strengthening your cyber security approach with the adrenaline-filled tactics of , you can take your organization to new heights in success and security.

Formula 1

Speed ​​and visibility determine success. On the racetrack and in the world of cybersecurity, speed is arguably one of the most important attributes to consider. But a race is won not just by how fast the car is, but also by how quickly you can adapt.

In addition to responding quickly, organizations also need to prioritize having maximum visibility over their environments.

As threat landscapes and attack surfaces change, how quickly a department can respond to a vulnerability will determine the damage a threat actor can do.

The need for speed and visibility should be paramount when a cybersecurity leader develops their strategy, looks to purchase new tools and technology, and acquires new cybersecurity partners.

Response capabilities make the difference. F1 races range from 44 to 78 laps in a single race; This means there is a lot of room for errors, problems and accidents that require immediate intervention and attention.

Even small or slight changes to a track or the car’s condition require rapid adaptation to maximize the driver’s chances of success.

Likewise, the time it takes for an organization to react to a known threat, security incident, or even a discovered vulnerability can make the difference between a devastating compromise or an issue that is contained.

Cybersecurity leaders must create a cybersecurity strategy that emphasizes establishing a department that responds quickly to threats. Your ability to act quickly should be included in your cybersecurity department’s capabilities. The faster you react, the less risk your organization is exposed to.

Formula 1

Innovation requires thinking outside the box. F1 racing relies heavily on technological innovation. F1 teams; is investing in R&D to find new and more efficient ways to track key metrics to gain competitive advantage.

Likewise, cybersecurity departments need to think outside the box when it comes to innovation. Technological advances continue to improve defense against new threats.

It must leverage new technological innovations, including AI-powered analytics, advanced detection and identification software, and platforms designed to provide full visibility into complex environments, especially cloud-based.

Success depends on effective teamwork and collaboration. Formula 1 teams are made up of many people, and they all have the same goal of ensuring that the driver and the car perform to the best of their abilities.

Cybersecurity teams can do this through collaboration, communication and speed. But for optimal performance, this culture of teamwork and collaboration needs to extend beyond an organization’s cybersecurity department.

Just as there are multiple roles and responsibilities assigned to a single vehicle and racer, there are also multiple stakeholders and departments affected by any security incident, compromise, or data breach.

Formula 1

Trust is necessary for a team to work well. Given the speed at which all parties in a team move in Formula 1 racing, trust is incredibly important.

Likewise, cybersecurity leaders need to be confident in their solutions, processes, controls, technologies, and teams. However, this trust should not be blind, both in terms of cyber security and Formula 1 teams.

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New details emerged about Heath Ledger’s death

Heath Ledger is the most loved. He is among the Joker actors and new details have emerged about his death. Here are all the details.



Heath Ledger is the most loved. He is among the Joker actors and new details have emerged about his death. Here are all the details.

Heath Ledger’s friend has revealed new information about the circumstances surrounding the actor’s death. Ledger, who played the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, died after overdosing on prescription medication in his New York apartment on January 22, 2008. He was only 28 years old. Director and writer Stephen Gaghan recently announced that Ledger had died with the script of his movie in bed. The Oscar-winning director was working on an adaptation of Malcolm Gladwell’s 2005 book Blink and wanted to cast Ledger in the leading role.

New details emerged about Heath Ledger's death

Apparently, the same script existed at the actor’s parents’ house. His father’s name was written in the script that Health Ledger had with whom he died, so they could easily reach the family. The father, who was shocked when he first received the call, said he was still grieving. Nolan, the Dark Knight director, told the audience that he last appeared on the Golden Globe stage in 2009, when he won Best Supporting Actor for Ledger, who died the previous year. The Dark Knight, the last film Ledger completed shooting before his death, was released six months later. NolanRecalling the night he received the Ledger award, he said: “Thank you. “This is the only and last time I’ll be on this stage before accepting one of these on behalf of our dear friend Heath Ledger.”

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Spotify launches audiobook-only subscription

Spotify introduced a new program for those who only want to listen to audiobooks. Here are all the details.



Spotify introduced a new program for those who only want to listen to audiobooks. Here are all the details.

Spotify introduced its program for those who only want to listen to audiobooks. This time, the company offers a plan that has little to do with music. Audiobook Access Tier (currently only available in the US) offers 15 hours of audiobook listening each month for $10. You’ll have access to Spotify’s library of over 200,000 titles. Of course, you can still listen to ad-supported music through Spotify’s free tier.

Spotify launches audiobook-only subscription

At first glance, it may seem odd that Spotify offers an audiobook-only tier at this price. The Premium package, which costs $11 per month, has the same 15 hours of audiobook listening time, among other benefits. However, since audiobooks generally take between seven and 11 hours to listen to, it makes sense if your goal is just audiobooks. It can be said.

Therefore, the platform surpasses Audible to some extent. A platform called Audible offers audiobook credits for $15 per month. So with Spotify, you can listen to about two books a month for $5 less.

The platform noted that since it began offering Premium subscribers 15 hours of audiobook listening at no extra cost in November, there has been a 45 percent increase in the number of people searching for and engaging with audiobook material each day at the free level. The new plan may please some.

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