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The era of waiting months to evaluate Return on Sales (ROAS) and optimize mobile marketing campaigns even weeks after launch is over. AppMetrica’s new LTV (Customer Lifetime Value) and customer churn analysis feature, which is part of the Yandex Ads service portfolio along with the Yandex Advertising Network, increases user acquisition in the mobile application.

AppMetrica also quickly informs product managers about customer lifetime value and the possibility of customer churn from the first day of the campaign and application installations.

LTV, a very important metric in the mobile app marketing industry, represents the revenue a user is expected to bring in throughout their entire relationship with the app. AppMetrica’s LTV analysis takes this concept to the next level by finding potential users with the highest LTV ratio through the use of artificial intelligence. LTV analysis using anonymised data from tens of thousands of apps across various categories yandex It was founded on Machine Learning technology.

This feature allows managers responsible for user acquisition to optimize their strategies by focusing on those that will deliver the highest return. LTV analytics evaluates each user within 24 hours of joining the app and generates an LTV analysis for the following 28 days. Based on this analysis, managers can optimize campaigns for top LTV users in just a few clicks.


High-performance advertising campaigns

With LTV and customer churn analysis;

  • On the first day of the advertising campaign, it can be seen which advertising channels will be increased or closed,
  • With an accurate LTV analysis, high-value audiences can be reached with the mobile application.
  • High-performing advertising campaigns can be optimized to increase revenue and return on investment.
  • ROAS can be maximized and it can be understood which channels need to invest more,
  • Users can analyze and compare based on LTV and churn probability,
  • By identifying the user segment with a high probability of loss, the loss of these users is prevented.

Unlike classic optimization recommendations such as traditional metrics “time spent” and “engagement,” the new AI-based analytics model collects and analyzes vast amounts of data about each user’s potential LTV to find the highest quality leads for ad campaigns. Additionally, LTV analytics allows you to segment users into various LTV groups (such as top 5%, top 20%, top 50%, and bottom 50%) and compare them.

How does AppMetrica work?

Customer churn is a common problem in the mobile app marketing industry. For long-term success, it is crucial to identify users who are likely to abandon the app and take proactive measures to retain them. AppMetrica’s Churn Analytics allows app owners and marketing teams to identify new users who are most likely to churn over time once they install the app.

The artificial intelligence model analyzes all active users over a 3-week period and scores activities daily. While AppMetrica doesn’t require custom metrics, it accurately predicts users who are more likely to become inactive within 3 weeks of installation. The generated report divides all users into groups according to conversion probability: >95%, 75%-95%, 50%-75% and <50%. The analysis shows that when a user is assigned a “risk of churn” tag, that tag has a greater than 99% chance of being true.

Using analytics, this feature allows for targeted retention strategies to prevent users from leaving the app. For example, it can offer tools such as personalized push notifications and incentives.

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ASUS Introduces RT-BE88U WiFi 7 Dual Band Router Model

ASUS RT-BE88UIt is preparing a network infrastructure ready for future conditions with WiFi 7 speeds reaching 7200 Mbps and a total wired connection capacity of 34 Gbps.



ASUS RT-BE88UIt is preparing a network infrastructure ready for future conditions with WiFi 7 speeds reaching 7200 Mbps and a total wired connection capacity of 34 Gbps.

ASUS announced the world’s first WiFi 7 router, RT-BE88U, offering a total wired network capacity of up to 34 Gbps.

With a 10 Gbps LAN/WAN port, one 10 Gbps LAN/WAN SFP+ port, and four 2.5 Gbps ports, the RT-BE88U is ready to deliver outstanding Ethernet performance for online gaming, media streaming, and more, now and in the future.

The product also offers state-of-the-art WiFi 7 network connectivity of up to 7200 Mbps, bringing superior data speeds of 4K-QAM and dual-band Multi-Link Operation to compatible devices.

Additionally, with the Guest Network Pro feature, subscription-free security features, and site-to-site VPN support, an RT-BE88U-based network becomes flexible, secure, and easy to manage.


WiFi 7 advantage

With 4K-QAM and dual-band Multi-Link Operation (MLO), which are the cornerstones of WiFi 7, ASUS RT-BE88U opens the door to new opportunities in network technologies. 4K-QAM increases speeds by packing signals more tightly, which increases bandwidth efficiency.

Thus, data speeds can be up to 20% faster than what a WiFi 6 network can achieve. Meanwhile, Dual-band Multi-Link Operation (MLO) enables a WiFi 7 device to connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, increasing efficiency and minimizing latency. This future-proofs the network, giving users the capacity to handle more connected devices without sacrificing performance.

Wired network capacity up to 34 Gbps

ASUS RT-BE88U has a 10 Gbps Ethernet port and a 10 Gbps SFP+ port, suitable for both LAN and WAN operations. Additionally, the device has the feature of automatically detecting and supporting multiple WANs.

Depending on the network configuration, up to nine LAN ports can be utilized on the RT-BE88U. 10Gbps connections; It provides lightning-fast performance for NAS servers and media servers, ensuring a smooth data flow at home.

This port array can also offer the stability and low latency of an Ethernet connection when needed. This high bandwidth can also enable the RT-BE88U to deliver top-notch network performance to professionals working with large 4K or even 8K video files on local servers.

A powerful system packed with additional networking features

ASUS RT-BE88U comes packed with features that enable users to create their ideal network. If a WAN connection becomes unavailable, users can plug a smartphone into the router’s USB 3.0 port and transfer a 4G/5G mobile data connection to their network.

The Guest Network Pro feature can also quickly segment a network for IoT, VPNs, and child-safe use. This is an extra feature along with VLAN support that allows users to separate devices into virtual groups and set rules for security and access.

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7 Tips for Safe File Sharing on the Internet

Many options come to mind for file sharing. People often think that email attachments are the best way to send sensitive files.



Many options come to mind for file sharing. People often think that email attachments are the best way to send sensitive files.

But they forget that many providers do not necessarily secure a message once it reaches the recipient. USB flash drives or other removable storage media are not suitable for online transfers. They come with potential disadvantages.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is built specifically for file sharing but lacks built-in encryption.

P2P may work for certain file sharing, but it’s generally not the best option for sharing sensitive documents in the absence of other measures.

file sharing

7 tips for file sharing

End-to-end encrypted cloud-based file storage is a viable solution for most people, especially when the above solutions fail.

If you take the right precautions, it can provide you with a secure cloud storage facility where your files are kept under lock and key. You can then invite specific users to view them by providing a time-limited download link.

This is important as it means you can update files while in use and everyone can view the same copy.

However, not all solutions are created equal, and there may be additional steps you need to take to mitigate the most serious security, privacy, and user experience concerns.

  • Choose end-to-end encryption (E2EE): E2EE is ideal for device-to-device data exchange because your secrets are scrambled at the source and decrypted at the intended destination (and remain encrypted while stored). In this way, encryption can be done both at rest and in transit, and your data will not be exposed even if the provider is targeted by cybercriminals. Besides E2EE cloud file sharing providers, E2EE email services are also available, although there are size limits on files.
  • Choose a provider that focuses on security and privacy. There are many alternatives on the market. It’s important to do some research beforehand to make sure the provider you choose is right for you. Read their privacy policies and understand how your data is secured.
  • Don’t forget access controls: To further increase security, make sure files are password protected with strong and unique credentials to keep them safe from prying eyes. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for increased account protection against phishing and other attacks. Set up a sharing link so anyone with the link can access your files.
  • Time-limited links: You can minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your files by setting an expiration time for the download links you send to the recipient. Some providers may also allow you to remotely delete files or revoke access after they have been downloaded for added protection.
  • Public Use VPN on Wi-Fi: If possible, do not access sensitive accounts when signed in to a potentially unsafe public Wi-Fi network. If you have to do this, make sure you use a reliable VPN to scramble any traffic.
  • Large file size support: Check the size limits of the cloud file sharing providers on your shortlist to make sure you can send data quickly and easily.
  • Use security software: It goes without saying that you should be careful with links to file-sharing sites (even if they appear legitimate). Security software will scan such links or downloads for malware, keeping your own machine safe from attacks designed to intercept or eavesdrop on communications.
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TP Vision, iF Design Award 1 with Philips TV & Audio Product

TP Vision ; Focusing on European design and craftsmanship, Philips TV & Sound brand left the 2024 iF Design Awards with 4 new wins.



TP Vision ; Focusing on European design and craftsmanship, Philips TV & Sound brand left the 2024 iF Design Awards with 4 new wins.

The iF Awards have been recognizing the best in product design for more than 70 years. The competition, one of the leading global design awards, received more than 10,800 award applications from approximately 72 countries in 2024. Award criteria include; innovation, quality, functionality and ecological compatibility.

Winners of the 2024 if Design Awards include Philips’ new flagship OLED+959 TV, the ultra-premium OLED+909 TV (both created in partnership with audio experts Bowers & Wilkins), the ultra-thin B6309 soundbar and the A5608 bone conduction sports headphones taking.

All four award-winning products were designed by the special European Design team in Amsterdam.

Philips OLED+959 Ambilight TV

OLED 959 Ambilight The TV is a true flagship with its simple design that clearly demonstrates the performance of the series.

Viewing the TP Vision Television from the front, only the new sustainable light gray wool, heather Kvadrat acoustic fabric is visible on the integrated slim sound surface. The same fabric also wraps the sides and top of the OLED panel.

The fabric also includes a Bowers & Wilkins audio system with three front speakers, side-firing speakers and 2 top-firing Atmos speakers. The set also includes a subwoofer mounted on the back of the television.

OLED+959 is also the first TV with the new Ambilight plus technology.

The aluminum floor stand has a non-metallic coating in line with local technology trends, and the accompanying remote control also offers wireless charging.

TP Vision

Philips OLED+909 Ambilight TV

The OLED+909 design builds on the success of previous TP Vision Ambilight TVs, which discreetly integrated premium Bowers &Wilkins sound into the area below the screen.

In the 2024 models, the sound surface is thinner and the signature Bowers & Wilkins sound quality is preserved. The 4-sided Ambilight system also offers image quality compatible with the dimensions of the set.

A dark heather Kvadrat acoustic fabric made from sustainable wool is used for the front sub-audio system, while the larger subwoofer speaker is located on the rear cover.

The TV’s stand features recyclable aluminum details, and the accompanying remote control also offers sustainable, high-performance wireless charging.

TP Vision

Philips B6309 Sound bar

B6309 Soundbar combines a powerful sound system with a compact form factor, including both the Soundbar and the accompanying Subwoofer. It meets the demands of consumers with a modest and restrained product design that can easily fit into modern homes.

The subwoofer maintains deep sound performance and can be easily hidden within the living space by positioning it in vertical and horizontal orientation.

TP Vision

Philips A5608 Bone Conduction Headphones

A5608 Bone Conduction Headphones can be integrated into the Philips GO Sports headphones platform, which is specially produced for athletes.

Bone conduction technology enables the A5608 to reach its target users by offering an outdoor sports product where good sound is balanced with open ear feature for secure fit and safety.

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